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Spice, Sources(10 shops)

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World chiles and spices.
Over 250 herbs, seasoning blends and spices from around the world.
Pickles, Peppers, Hot Skinnies, Chunky Dills, Brittany Tomatoes, Mustard, Salsa, Chili Sauce, Hot Dog Sauce and so on.
One of the most famous department store in UK and the world.
Books, postcards, DVD and gifts about Florence.
High-quality natural products at affordable prices.
Food gift from F & M.
Food in general incl. Tea and Coffee. Pot, Cup and Pot cover also available. Online shop under construction.
Cheese, bakery, chocolate and candies, sugar free, sausage, fruits, nuts, jam and more.
Purveyors of practical, functional,and hard-to find products.

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